We are focused on bringing new and innovative business solutions for small and medium enterprises.


Seeing how COVID19 has had a profound impact on all the small businesses and craft makers in our community, we start to think about how could our IT knowledge be of help to all of them. So the first concept we were all on board for was the CARD4 platform. The prepaid loyalty concept isn't anything new, but it was definitely unaffordable to businesses that were affected the most. So we decided to help in that aspect.
And that was only the first step.


Winning is in our company DNA and we recognize perseverance as a key factor in getting there.


One-stop shop

We are customer-centric, empathic, and build products to improve our client's businesses. Products and services that our team members have already finished are to our pride. We are happy to share our expertise and lessons learned with you:

Product designe & development


Before diving into design, we first create a precise structure of the product. This is the foundation for developing wireframes and early prototypes. When building apps, we facilitate numerous processes to ensure high-quality standards. When it comes to code architecture — we structure the apps into reusable and testable modules.

Mobile prepaid-loyalty


Prepaid cards grow loyalty, boost engagement, and increase customer spending. But it is not easy and cheap to set up a prepaid loyalty program. So why not use a free prepaid loyalty mobile app that can do all the things mentioned above and even more?

Data analytics & Machine learning


Developing and releasing is just the first step to delivering a successful software product. Mobile and web applications are also brand assets for our customers. That is why it’s important to connect your application with your target market and audience by constantly working on app improvements and attracting more users while keeping them engaged.

Mobile gift card

Playing safe

CARD4 offers eGift card functionalities for local businesses allowing shoppers to buy and send gift cards via email, text, their preferred social media, or in person.

Project management


Our process of managing the work of a team to achieve goals and meet success criteria is governed by the renowned Oracle Unified Method. In this way, we ensure all the documentation is standardized and no risk goes unmitigated. We prefer to go with Agile but are well experienced in Waterfall or can leverage a combined approach.

Customer review


How do you know if your customers are happy with their experiences in your company? What do they like and dislike about your products and services and more importantly, how can you best keep up with their ever-changing requirements? Get your answers for free with our platform, track your customer’s satisfaction.